Dote is a Singapore-based nursing & maternity wear label for fashion forward women who want more than just the basics. 

About Us


I’m Dorothy, founder of Dote. Dote was launched in 2008 after the birth of my first child. Like many women I know, I struggled post pregnancy to find clothes that I could breastfeed in, yet still felt like “me”.  It didn’t seem like a tall order, but I was surprised by how difficult it was.  It didn’t help that I was still adjusting to my post pregnancy figure and needed all the confidence I could get.

I was running my women’s wear label at the time (now defunct label Dotted Line). The decision to start Dote came as a natural extension of what I was already doing.  Our goal from the beginning has been to create intelligently designed clothes that would make nursing easier and more stylish. Many of our clothes are duo function, and will take you through pregnancy and breastfeeding with ease.

We take time to consider each nursing access, with the aim of making it as inconspicuous as possible. It has to blend seamlessly into each garment, so that you don't have to wear something that screams "Nursing!".  Many customers & friends tell us that they can’t tell that our clothes are nursing friendly. To us, that's the best compliment because we don't think your style should change just because your body & needs do.



For more about us, please drop by the Dote Instagram as well as Facebook page.  If you have any feedback about our clothes, site or just want to say Hi, you can find me at

Dote is Singapore based nursing & maternity wear label. Established in 2008, it is now available in 95 multi label stores & boutiques in over 20 countries. Dorothy trained in fashion design at Singapore's Raffles Design Institute. Prior to being a fashion entrepreneur, she worked at an American Investment Bank. More recently, she was a finalist in the Singapore Mumpreneur Awards.